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Described as a "nice mix of musical pacing with fun arrangements," Manuel the Band has created a style of music that enlightens the listener. Using rock melodies, mixed with jazzy chords, to tell stories like a singer- songwriter, MTB has created a music genre that captures the feelings we've all had and can relate to. 

Vocals, Guitar, Keys / Manuel Grajeda

Vocals, Bass, Guitar/ Alex Rodriguez

Pedal Steel, Bass/ George Madrid

Drums, Percussion/ Brandon Charlesworth

Trombone, Trumpet, Percussion/ Richard Fernandez

Saxophone, Percussion/Matt Kalin 

Bass/ Kevin Nowacki


Manuel the Band at the Wine Bar, Long Beach, CA. 

Manuel the Band at the Wine Bar, Long Beach, CA. 

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manuel the band takes first place! 

Manuel the Band took first place at the San Diego Battle of the Bands 2017. The judges described the music as a "nice mix of musical pacing with fun arrangements." Of course, the favorite comment was this: " Having multiple singers was rad- not to mention trombone and pedal steel- very cool." 

Manuel The Band headlining the Brew in LQ, 2017 

Manuel The Band headlining the Brew in LQ, 2017 

MTB takes first at coachella valley showcase! 

After successfully headlining the Brew in LQ and playing at both the La Quinta brew Co. and Wine Emporium, MTB was asked back to the desert area to play at the Coachella Valley Showcase on December 3rd. After delivering "a cohesive performance of memorable songs, with the band members interacting with each other like a band that had been together for years) was unanimous with all four judges: Arthur Seay -House of Broken Promises, Unida, Death in Pretty Wrapping and owner of Bitter Sands Recording Studios; TK- Program Director for 93.7 KCLB; Julie Montante- owner of PSA Organica; and Jason Hall- owner of Ruined Vibes Records and CV Weekly Music Writer, that Manuel the Band was the winner. This 7-piece has a truly unique sound that was quite refreshing. 'They were like a breath of fresh air,' shared Julie Montante, one of the judges. 'I could already hear the last song they performed as a hit on the radio.'" (Coachella Valley Weekly). MTB will be moving onto the final rounds Saturday, May 5th at The Hood Bar to compete with five other bands for first place. 

Manuel the Band performing at Alex's Bar, 2017. 

Manuel the Band performing at Alex's Bar, 2017. 


Manuel the Band has found their home base in Long Beach at the Wine Bar. Right off Pacific, it's close to downtown and has become a great local hangout for wine, social events and, of course, music. The main bartender, Zack, does a great job of treating all the guests well and appreciating the music that comes through the bar. MTB plays just about every month and has "created a cool music niche of their own." 

Brew in LQ- Headline Show. 

Brew in LQ- Headline Show. 


-December 3rd: Coachella Valley Music Showcase, The Hood Pizza and Bar

-December 23rd: Brix on Sunset, Sunset Beach. 

-December 27th: The Wine Bar, Long Beach.